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 Sun Valley believes that we are never more like Jesus than when we give and serve! Serving on a global mission trip will transform your life and give families around the world the opportunity to meet, know and follow Jesus. We invite you to make yourself available to go where God may lead you and make a difference in the world.

We partner with various global ministry partners and offer trip opportunities throughout the year. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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We have planned a number of short-term trips to serve with our global parteners Chosen Children Ministries (Nicaragua) and Orchard Africa (South Africa) as well as weekend opportunities in Mexico.  See the registration page for more specific dates and locations.  

Each trip is different, but our goal is to partner with local organizations and serve with local churches. Many of the trips include spending time with people, including opportunities for them to meet, know and follow Jesus! Some trips offer construction projects (building homes for families that local churches have identified as needing assistance), feeding programs, community education programs such as agriculture or sewing, and VBS programming for children. There will be a number of ways for you to connect relationally with families in-country and share the love of Jesus through serving them.

There are a number of precautions in place between Sun Valley and our partners on the ground. In addition,  airlines and nations have various policies and protocols with regard to vaccines and recommended preventative care. More detailed information will be given based on the country of travel.  

Deposits are required for each Global Mission Trip at the time of registration. Once the deposit is submitted, your spot on the trip is secured. The deposit is non-refundable, unless the trip is canceled. The overall trip cost is listed on the trip's registration page. Your trip leader will provide you with the funding benchmarks at your first meeting to help you stay on track, as you raise support, to meet the complete funding due date. We do encourage and equip you to raise support from friends and family for your trip. One of the many lessons learned by participating in a trip is seeing God faithfully provide.

In the event that SV cancels a trip, your deposit will be refunded. Otherwise, the deposit is nonrefundable as it is used to secure contracts for your trip. Refunds will not be given due to cancellation by a trip participant.

Donations to the trip (including money you put toward your own trip) are considered charitable donations to SV. So you and the people who donate to your trip will get a nice little tax break.

We purchase group airline tickets for trips, so we are not able to let trip participants use frequent flier miles to pay for tickets. However, you will be allowed to earn miles for your flight if you have an established frequent flier account with the airline we use. 

We ask that you do not use this method to fund your trip. By doing this, those that contribute to your trip will not be able to receive a giving statement showing their donation to their trip and therefore will not be able to claim it on their taxes.