We believe in the
power of prayer.

Need Prayer?

James 5:16 says, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


I need help praying for a family member who lives in jealousy and can not log go of the past. She is negative and is why I am no longer friends with her but do forgive her for the hurtful things she said. However she can not let it go


My husband was in a motorcycle accident June of 2023. Since then our family of 9 have been struggling mentally, physically & financially. I ask for prayer to free our family of these burdens & give my husband strength spiritually & use of his R arm


My son Kevin needs a Roommate that will help him financially. Who is a Christian, doesn’t smoke, take drugs, have parties, won’t steal, drink, have guests over and won't disrupt the home. Thank you for your prayers and support. In Jesus name, Amen


Hello, posting anonymously as the details of this incident are not yet public. Some friends of ours who live in Prescott just lost their daughter to a drunk driver. She was 16 years old and just started driving. Please pray for peace for their family


My husband is on his way to his 3rd interview with a new job in a completely different field, please pray over us that It’s GODS WILL BE DONE AND NOT OUR DESIRES!


My SIL’s dad is having heart surgery today to repair a valve that has already been replaced previously. He has numerous other issues as well. Prayers for peace for the family and hands of the surgeons involved.


Open the door financially, Spiritually, and within my health. Heal, restore and help me prosper 100%. within my degree field.


please keep me in prayer for guidance & to stay focus on Jesus & continue to love. & for God's protection over my grandson. thankyou. Jesus loves u...


Please pray for full time employment and sleep at night


I need you lord. Help me understand why this is happening all over again. Please protect through this difficult time.


I am asking for prayers. I have a kidney stone process tomorrow. The pre-op is at 800am and Lithotripsy at 930am. I am experiencing some anxiety, and sometimes that leads to panic attacks. God has my back, so not sure why the anxiety. Thank you.


Prisoner named Guzman. horrible childhood. no family support. getting released soon.Has 5 daughters. I been ministering to him at work. today he found out his cancer is back. 30 years old. I told him about CR. For God to save his soul and intervene.


My Tio is in the hospital due to kidney failure and during surgery had a stroke. He is now learning how to do everything again and has troubles with his memory. Please pray for a full recovery thank you


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison for the right acceptable release program for him to go to for re-entry. Amen.


Our family is going through a devastating divorce. My son Charlie, is stressed and anxious, not wanting to participate in his love for fishing or chess club and soccer. Pray God covers him and heals his heart from this devastating loss and life chang


For our Son VC who the modern doctors say is suffering from mental problem called schizophrenia. The Bible however calls it demonic infestation. For VC’s deliverance. The prayers of righteous availeth much. God bless you. Amen.


Please pray for me to find and obtain a new job that will support my family, pay my bills and debts, and to give more to charity. I made a bad career decision that has lead me to where I am currently. What I want to be able to do is honor the Lord.


Please pray for my niece Aria Watts 9yrs old who lives in Tucson, AZ. She has to have emergency surgery for an infection that has spread to her brain. I truly believe in the power of our Lord and I know he will hear our prayers.


My knee surgery is Thursday, please pray for safe transportation to and from, and a full recovery, God willing.


My daughter is mentally ill. Please defeat the spirit of darkness.


Update: a few months ago I asked for prayers for Boden Floyd Lenard who was born 10 weeks early and after a few weeks in the hospital took a turn for the worse. Today he is at home with mom and dad tipping the scale at 10 lbs 6 oz. God is great.


I feel like God has turned away from me. And I don’t know if he will ever forgive me because I have not practiced my faith and I’m just feeling really hopeless with my faith.


I have been lying to my wife and conducting an online affair. I keep getting caught and I keep trying to continue the affair even though I know it is not ever going anywhere. Today I finally have realized that I need help from God.


I've been struggling with same-sex attraction for a long time, and recently returned to my faith to walk with Christ. I just feel kind of isolated and unsure how to go forward. I'm asking for God to reveal to me my next steps to grow and recover.


Prayer for His will. I have an interview next week.


Please pray for me. I’m going through a rough patch physically, I’m urinating blood and blood clots , I’ve diagnosed with having a mass inside my bladder. I’m scheduled for treatment at the Mayo Clinic but that’s not until May 6 I need the Lords help


Pray for healthy continued closeness to Jesus for all of us at Sun Valley.


Nephew Roy needs prayer for nodules in throat area, healing.


Kate's dad Glen has Parkinson's and having bad symptoms related.


Alex, healing for hernia and successful recovery.


Continued prayers for Jerome.


Continued healing for Lori's shoulder and wisdom handling new puppy.


Volunteers needed in all areas of children's care


pray for George to find freedom from his bondage.


Please pray for my dad David who has been diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Please pray for his healing & sobriety so that we can get him on a liver transplant list. Please pray he finds the lord once again. Thank you.


Just when I thought everything was finally done something comes my way. Lord my lord I need you on my side. I need your love, protection and your spirit within me.


Please please for my aunt Regina who has found out she has cancer for the second time and this time it’s spreading all over. She can only drink liquids since she gets sick if she eats normal meals and she’s losing weight fast.


Tony/Jessica- on going for new job opportunity. Paul- continued parenting plan update


We are requesting prayer for a family- friends daughter back in California. Maya Enomoto is 11 years old and has been fighting brain cancer since January 2023. The Enomoto family has stayed strong and positive during this journey and need prayer.


Please pray with Larry for his son, Casey, who is starting a new job with the same company but now 500 miles away. Pray for God to comfort in the new separation & bless in the new position.


Please pray for Justin who has started a new job & is experiencing some opposition there. Pray for him to be able to balance time well with faith & family & work.


Please pray for Warren & Mary as he suffers with constant back pain. Pray for God's perfect relief, comfort & strength for him and for her to know how best to support him.


Please pray for Laura and Marty. He has been diagnosed with bladder & prostate cancer. Treatment will begin next Monday. Pray for all caring for Marty, effectiveness of treatment, perfect comfort& healing.


pls, pray for my brother Eduardo. he is in the hospital facing lots of health issues that his days in this world may be short. helps me to ask God for a miracle. and also strength for his family. thx


Jordan, (no last name) called from 1-520-424-6197. He attends Casa Grande campus and he is asking for prayers. He shared that he struggles with addiction and is 4 days clean. He is having a hard day and is asking for someone to pray with him.


A friend of mine, Troy, has been having difficulty recovering from hip replacement, he’s in his mid 30s, and infection is an issue. Pray for healing and for Gods peace on him and his family.


My sister in law, Aly, is pregnant and scheduled to be induced on 4/21. Please pray for a safe labor and delivery for her and her baby. Thank you!


I'm in PA with my mom, Kathy. She has lymphoma. My Dad , Bob is having a very difficult time with this. Everything is a bit overwhelming right now . There are many decisions I need to make. Need prayers for healing, guidance, strength, peace.


Prayers for healing and that I would choose humility over pride. Thank you.


I need alot of prayers.My heart is broken. I just found out this morning my 24 year old daughter is deceased. They think a drug overdose. I cannot even process this right now.


My cousin has been battling small bowel cancer and has had multiple surgeries. He is currently hospitalized and was just told in the last 20 min he has surgery this afternoon. I'd been wanting to ask for prayer and he needs prayers for healing.


I am still searching for a job. Had an interview last week still haven’t heard anything back yet. Trusting The Good Lord will open the door and lead me to where I am suppose to be! Prayers for patients!


Prayer for me not to be so critical & judgmental of others. I can be so ugly & hurtful. I want to be kinder & more loving.


Please pray for my partner’s father who has cancer and who will be going through chemo. That he may have the courage and strength to overcome it and to fully recover.


I’m asking that everyone pray for my only brother. He is battling cancer . He is struggling with fevers and struggling with recovery. Please hold my brother in your prayers. His name is Jimmy..


Lost my job and my apartment at the same time. My job provided the apartment. Health insurance gone too. I’m single and only wage earner. I moved here for the job. Please prayer for God’s clear provision. Thank you!


My sweet friend Nicole is losing her mama to cancer right now but she’s still fighting. I know there is SO much power in prayer and I believe if it’s God will then still she could make a turn around. Her mother’s name is Lorraine Sica!


May I ask for prayer for health and healing. My health is not so good right now. I thank you and send my prayers and love


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison for overall protection, for strength to do the next right thing, to believe and feel he is worthy of God's love and plan for his life as he prepares for release.


Please pray for our 6 month old grand daughter Rosie who is in OCU on a ventilator, Drs think she might not make it taken off the ventilator. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻💜


Prayer for my brother as he is grieving the loss of his wife, caring for his two children one of which was injured the car accident. May they feel Gods arms wrapped around them as they navigate through their loss and chaos.


My father had a sudden drop in mental health due to advanced Alzheimer’s and is now completely incapacitated. Our family is moving to Washington to help facilitate care and be near him for support and community. Please pray for his comfort and health


Praying for our friends toddler who is having some health issues and is facing possibly surgery. We are asking for prayers for no tumors in his scans and a speedy recovery from his current tumor.


I wanted to give an update on Nicole. She is the young mom with the aggressive breast cancer that I asked prayer for. She had surgery and they removed lymph nodes and a tumor. After her checkup yesterday she is cancer free!! Praise God!!!