We believe in the power of prayer.

James 5:16 says "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


Please pray for healing for Brittany. Had syncope.


IJN I pray for Christ to abrogate the fines of sins to those who found themselves in the Cross that they can give rise to hot love than lukewarm. Nix the assimilation of worldliness that teaches self loathing, inhumility, rushed romance, cheating on


Asking for prayers for my boyfriend he gave his life to Jesus this year but his having a hard time following Jesus because of his past and he鈥檚 struggling to find a good job too his name is Michael 馃檹馃従


Asking to pray for my family health issues and to help me understand GOD way of loving others and being a forgiving person no matter the issue or circumstances.


Please pray for my husband as he has applied for a new job. Praying for the Lord鈥檚 will to be done and that we understand and follow the path he has for us and our little family.


Asking for prayers for my mom, they have found another blockage in her neck. They are treating her but she is on continuous watch since the aneurysms seem to be continuously developing.


please pray for me . don't feel like sharing but just pray please . thanks .


Please pray for me as I am patiently waiting on a Godly husband. I鈥檝e been praying consistently for about 4 years now, and want to be a wife more than anything. I pray for my future husband daily that I鈥檒l be a blessing to him and vise versa.


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison to be protected, to be healed of cold, to have the courage to surrender all his needs to God, and guided to make the right choices. Amen


Sean O鈥橬eal in hospital after fall with broken ribs. Suffers fromParkinson鈥檚 and is struggling. Please pray for his recovery he is 73.


I pray for guidance in my faith. I struggle with my Christianity as I feel the hypocrisy is abundant now. Jesus told us to love yet we use our faith to hate certain people including lgbtq+. Shouldn鈥檛 we be welcoming everyone the to the good news?


I want to pray for my fianc茅 Vanessa. 1. Pray they will grow in love. 2. Pray they will make wise choices. 3. Pray they will live with integrity. 4. Pray they will become like Jesus.


please pray for my neighbor/ friend Beth she has been in for almost two weeks. May God visit her in all she's going through.


Please pray for me that I can overcome my traumatic heartbreak, and that I can forgive my former partner for their infidelity.


My great nephew Noah who is 4 is in ICU with PNEUMONIA. He鈥檚 struggling and they have him sedated to treat him. Please pray for him and his healing. Pray for the doctors to have the wisdom to treat him. Thank you


My cousin is having her baby boy by c-section tomorrow. Praying for safe quick healing and Gods hands over the surgeons.


My request is for prayers for me to heal tonight, my bird Toki has passed over the rainbow last night and I need healing. She was my best friend. It is very hard to lose an animal, like a human. I loved her and taught her so many things.


I need all the prayers I can get at this moment, my bird Toki which is is a Cocateil passed away today, I鈥檓 hurting so bad, she was my best friend.


I鈥檓 back again asking for more prayers for Dave Barger who has had a relapse from his leukemia transplant procedure. They will be doing a brain ct scan on Sunday to see if he has bleeding or a blockage. He was making process, answered prayers.


Pls pray for my niece isla, she鈥檚 at the Phx children鈥檚 er for more than a day now due to allergic reaction they believe from amoxicillin but drs can鈥檛 quite figure out.. she鈥檚 so swollen from her legs now going to her face. Pray they figure out soon


For (COREY) praying he won't be demoted or let from AutoNation as estimator. Many issues with Progressive program but his supv won't make changes.We pray he will Not get let go & he will get a backup to help him. In Jesus mighty name Thx


For our son(COREY) works at AutoNation , estimator. Had a meeting with his supv this am & she isn't happy with his #s , will have a meeting next week with Mangr to remove him from Progressive prgrm which he runs. He is so down, alot of issues not his


My father in law with Alzheimer鈥檚;he鈥檚 in memory care but is being uncooperative and obstinate with the caregivers 馃様 We鈥檙e begging God to take him to heaven but until for him to be cooperative. It鈥檚 so stressful especially for my husband.


Please pray for Daryl Covert. His health is failing quickly and needs a miracle. His family is requesting prayer for him. Thank you


Please pray for my 14 year old son as he is battling a mental illness. It can be very difficulty caring for him not knowing what the next day is going to be. He has manic episodes that are random and unpredictable.


Please pray for our Lord to continue to provide for us financially. We tithe regularly but things are very tight with very little breathing room to pay our Mortgage, utilities, & food鈥


My best friend is having a stomach surgery soon. A condition she's diagnosed with has progressed a lot and she was hoping she wouldn't have to have this surgery yet, so she's been upset and physically exhausted.


Please pray for my husband Randy he suffers from chronic headaches since 2013 every day he would love to live a normal life again!!


For me and everybody else around the world.


Going through a divorce.. i just need strength and guidance to get through it my husband is in hospital with a bad infection in his toe .. they may have to amputate


I am having a biopsy on my bladder tomorrow. My doctor is looking for cancer. I could definitely use prayers. Thank you.


Older, retired firefighter Male friend looking for a male Christian counselor. Suggestions?


Please pray for my son Robert sick with cold that he be healed quickly. Amen.


Thank you Lord for giving me new life. Please Lord heal me in my body, and also help us get the right house for our family in Jesus Name Amen 馃檹馃徑


My name is Oscar. I have been drinking from at least the age of 15. I鈥檓 going on 62 and have decided to give it all to the load Jesus. I need to do this for myself and also my family. Please pray for me!!! Oscar


My family and I are currently going through a very messy child custody case out of state and are unable to see son, Paxton. It is the most hopeless feeling of emptiness I have ever known the grief is insurmountable. Please pray he is safe


God I pray that you continue to stand by my side and protect me during this difficult time of my life.God guide me and open any door to help me and my boys. Give me strength and surround me with loving family鈥檚.