We believe in the
power of prayer.

Need Prayer?

James 5:16 says, "Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working."

If you need prayer, you can submit it privately to our prayer team and choose whether you'd also like to add it publicly to our prayer wall for our church community to pray over. If you want to lift up others in prayer, you can pray over them directly via this page or by spending time in a Prayer Session.


Please pray for Paul to have Godly repentance and lose all desire for the other woman. Pray that he falls more in love with Jesus than ever as well as me, his wife.


please pray for my friend Ronnie and his family. his dad is fairly young and has cancer that hasn't responded to treatment they have recently put him on hospice and he has taken a turn for the worse. The family needs strength


My Grandpa broke his leg a couple weeks ago. While in the hospital, he contracted Covid. The doctors now say they don't think he will make it. Please pray for him and my family, especially for my Mom who is having a very difficult time with this.


Please pray for me to secure full-time employment. I'm a single Mother & my position was eliminated 30 days ago due to my employer consolidating 100 positions, including mine. Thank you & God Bless you!


I am donating a kidney to a stranger and our surgery is January 3rd. I was hoping to get prayer for a successful surgery and speedy recovery for both of us. Thank you so much.


Homeless since Feb 2023 I get SS but low food at times Lost my vehicle ( my home and shelter) July 20th summer heat caused wiring to melt and my Tahoe burnt - still issue with insurance . Lost my left eye sight temp ?? Prayer chain needed please.


Please pray for my friend Brian Hofmeyer. He was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.


Please pray God to grant us(you, Jung-won, Ui-seop, Ha-young, Ye-young, Eun-tae, In-sook) complete and permanent turning back to Him when all our bodies are alive so that each of us may become the true property of the one true God, serving only Him.


Please pray for McKenna. Insurance has denied her surgery to replace the battery on her nerve stimulator. She is in constant pain. Please pray she can be healed and that she finds a way to get her surgery covered by insurance.


Please pray for Leah and her family. They just lost their 3 month old son Ari.


My baby has RSV. And juz need pray for healing and for it not to get bad


Please pray for baby Ezekiel - he was born Monday the 7th sibling of our cousins. He was immediately taken to surgery for a heart defect. He’s currently at Phoenix Children’s on life support.


Please pray for Sampson who is 17 years old and was in a bad car accident. He is in brain surgery…. Thank you Sun Valley…..


Please pray for my friend ineshly to be saved through Jesus Christ and his mercies she recently came to church with me and is seeking Thank you so much for praying god bless


A dear from mine lost his wife suddenly this morning. They have four children, one adult, two in high school, and one in middle school. This is very tragic for the family. I just pray for their strength in the coming days.


I’m 23 weeks pregnant and just found out my job isn’t going to provide maternity leave and that if I need more then 2 weeks to recover from birth I may not have a job anymore. I work from home so I’m holding on to faith that it will all work out.


A 30 year old spinal injury has flared up, and is causing me quite a bit of pain. It is looking like I will need God to either heal me medicinally (surgery) or miraculously. I'm concerned about the former, and feel undeserved of the latter.


Please pray for my dear friend Jude Tennant — she’s been admitted to the hospital with high fever, very low BP, high white cell count, and weak. Doctors are figuring out what’s going on, but no response yet. Appreciate the prayers.


I’m having total knee replacement surgery today and I’m anxious about the chances of a stroke while under anesthesia. My wife, Laura suffered a spinal cord injury and I am her sole support. I ask for your prayers.


My son and his wife just had a miscarriage. Please pray for comfort and peace over them.


Have trial on Friday for the divorce and i am anxious to sit in a room for 3 hours to hear him bash me. i need to trust God. i need strength! Fear has overcome me. Also pray for the family who lost their 17 year old this past Saturday.


Our beloved Papa Joe passed away yesterday. Please pray for our healing. He was a very special loving strong family man and he is very loved and will be greatly missed. Pray for his loving wife as her heart is broken.


Prayer request for a family friends newborn baby. His name is AJ and is experiencing some health challenges that they are trying to figure out. He has undergone a lot of lab tests and will be having an ultrasound on his liver this week.


Prayers for my family and marriage as we go through hard times with understanding one another in this season of change.


My good friend Shawna and her husband Steve are currently battling Steve's illness with Chemo. We have been praying for financial help and Steve's recovery.


I am trying to find a Christian Counseling that can meet on a regular basis until I feel comfortable meeting only occasionally. I want prayers to be the basis for all sessions. What is of the world and what is of God?


Please pray for Nathan, my husband and I. Nathan is struggling with his condition and dx, please ask God to lay extra hands on us for today we have appt. At 4pm. Asking for God to give us peace in whatever decisions are made.


Prayers for all of my family. We have a lot going on and the enemy is trying to attack. Pray for strength and healing and peace and patience. And that we guard our words to one another. Thank you Jesus


I have an interview for Grand Canyon University for Adjunct Professor on Monday 11/27. I am asking for prayer that God’s will be done on this and that the faculty/interview see favor from Him for me.


Please pray for my son Robert serving time in prison, for protection, for strength to stay on the right path, to make good decisions, to be refined, restored and redeemed. Amen.


my dearest close friend is going through cancer and I am being supportive.. I am a caregiver feeling fatigue.. also through my own suffering the loss of my son, mental, finances prayers for this


Please pray for my friend Mesha! She’s going through a hard time in believing in god because of the pain she’s going through. Please pray that god is there with her and help her see that he loves her and her two girls!


Not a prayer but just wanted to thank y’all for praying for my baby! She came to this world last night and me and her are healthy thank you Jesus


Please pray for my two younger sisters to be saved from their long struggles with addiction and homelessness, and that they’ll be safe, warm, and fed until then. Please pray for me to have the wisdom to know how to love them well.


Asking for prayers as I go in for an abdominal hysterectomy on Monday. My fears and anxieties are all over the place right now.


I pray that I have god on my shoulders to help me get through this anger issues I have. Help with my hormones and help me do good when I start my new job. I pray I can make my relationship work with my fiance and better my self for my son


dealing with some unknown health issues. Dr's can't figure me out. I keep getting worse with no answers. need healing prayers and strength to keep up with daily life.


For my son Doug’s healing after his surgery to remove a tumor on his thymus gland. He will still need additional chemo and radiation. Equally as needed are prayers for his wife’s heart to soften to be willing to communicate with us and see us❤️‍🩹


I overheard that my family member is moving back. I'm afraid to be around their unpredictably. I know in my head I wont be hurt again but my heart and body react. they come to visit very soon; I'm not ready. I'm scared to ask for help.